Mobile commercial platform

Customer profile

Moraj is a popular underwear manufacturer operating on market since 1995. The company sells the products in Poland through almost 300 shops. Moreover, it has 6 wholesaler’s and offices in Bangladesh, China, Turkey and Italy. A dozen of sales representatives operates across the country to provide all chain stores with deliveries.

Problem/ Customer need

Due to developed commercial network, Moray company faced the problem of coordination and fluency of realized orders. The salesmen were forced to shuttle between remote shops and the company headquarter. The whole order process was long and time-consuming. In order to increase competitiveness, a new tool shortening both orders realization process and delivery time had to be implemented. So the Moray company turned to ALAN Systems to create application operating on tablets.


On the basis of conversations and detailed problem analysis we suggested solution: mobile application adjusted precisely to customer needs. The application operates on Android platform and iOS. Thanks to it, the salesman can realize the order at customer office. There is no need to return to the company, order form is sent via e-mail with calculated individual discounts. The goods are ready to be dispatched immediately. Moreover, thanks to the application goods can be divided into groups, the whole product range well- arranged and easy to search. The product is visible to the customer in a gallery. So that there no place for mistake or misunderstanding. Clear interface and intuitive menu make the application easy to use. Suggested solution was accepted by Moray representatives. At present, the application is successfully used in this company.

Advantages of new product

  • - order realization time shortened to minimum
  • - high work efficiency
  • - travel expenses limited
  • - number of mistakes limited
  • - attractive product presentation
  • - image of modern and reliable company
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