CREAM 1.12 – zero downtime

Customers choose CREAM system, because it connects everything that is necessary in business. Current update makes the system works more efficiently and stable in every respect. Moreover, CREAM 1.12 has functionalities which help to realize daily tasks really comfortably.

Work efficiency with CREAM, a system that supports the work of the sales department, customer service, but also marketing, is growing by achieving an objective that is a zero downtime. This means nothing else but the lack of technical break during the system upgrade. We respect your time, so the new version of CREAM works freely and without restrictions.Thanks to zero downtime you can move smoothly to the new version during everyday activities.

The new version allows you to work even better. Autocomplete and filters remembering attributes are worth mentioning among other, many useful improvements. CREAM helps even in the smallest activities. You are able to do more and work more comfortably.

Detailed changes of CREAM version 1.12 are here.

Detailed changes of CREAM version 1.12 are here.


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