CREAM 1.5 new version is already available!

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CREAM 1.5 new version is already available!

We are happy to announce a new version of our flagship product – CREAM. This solution improves customer service and sales process for our clients in Poland, Austria and Germany. And interest of CREAM solutions is still growing.

If you are thinking on how CREAM can improve the functioning of the company, we will present it with pleasure.


Together with the new version of CREAM we give users more than 39 news and improvements. The most important are:

Usability Enhancements

• After one click main menu expands for better user experience

• Button „Save” in edit form is always active, after one click the system marks in red all empty fields

• Optimized actions in action bars for all entities .Action bar as a basic form always contains name/title of entity and standard actions (back, edit, delete) and (where available) it is extended with more business actions (eg. for setting progress, postponing, resolving, handling, publishing, pausing, commenting etc.)

• Rearranged status and priority badges in Views and Lists

• For all Lists system remembers personal information about defined filters, sorting, elements on the page

• Contact form for not logged users is available from Login Page by clicking on “Need help?” link, where an external Request can be sent to the system


• Added new view type: list, which displayes planned activities

• Time scale for day view set by default to 10 minutes


• System creates new contact in the Contact Book for each entry in uploaded target list (if it was not matched and doesn’t exist yet)

• Update target list action moved from tabs to button in action bar in campaign view

• Record Outbound contact widget is now available only for tasks, which are open or in progress

• Bulk operation available on Campaign List: user can filter and display a set of campaigns for which a grouped evaluation report can be generated


• General contact details section is now consolidated with customer/partner detail sections

• Requests tab enhanced on Contact View, table layout and filtering added


• Optimizations on Request View: actions from tabs moved as buttons in action bar, full content description visible directly without having to open extra modal window

• Optimizations on Open and My Request Widgets: added attachment icon, added icon for channel type, added icon between “from” and “to”, optimized layout to achieve less scrolling, optimized font color and readability for active elements, locked/disabled elements styling optimized for better distinction between active and locked ones, removed labels: number, title, description, requester, due date > to improve readability, added red color and bell icon for due date


• New filter “Resolution” available in Task and Case List

• New action Create task available in the Task Definition View

Service Reporting

• New reports as widget: pending campaign tasks and cases (global, for manager, for agents)


• Enhanced permission model for Products: employee can see only products where he is assigned to or supports the product (related trait defined in the profile), extra permission needed to see all products

• Look-and-feel + behaviour of Cart View changed: every order item is in a separatee position in cart (so that the same products are shown multiple times – in different options), changing the amount.

• EAN Code must be unique globally, despite of the fact if it is assigned to a product or to a product option


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