CREAM 1.7 – is exactly as the user wants

In the "Actions" stream we have combined "Conversations" and "Messages" into one common topic "Communication". In addition, we have expanded the range of elements that can be added to create "cause" of the "Meeting" and "Communication". It extends the possibilities of cooperation with the client. In some cases, such as in business clients, there is sometimes a need to hold a personal meeting. Thanks to these changes, it will be possible to add it to the range of activities with the customer. Moreover, we do not forget about it thanks to a mobile application - CREAM assistant. Like any good advisor it will remind us of this, even if we are not at the front of the computer.

Advanced personalization even a few desktops is another important change. From now on every CREAM user can configure multiple desktops exactly according to his/her needs. It avoids the time-consuming way of learning where the individual parts are. For each type of duties it can adjust individual dashboard. CREAM is exactly what a user wants. How many users, so many CREAM versions!

There are only some changes. Their detailed list can be found here. As one can see, more and more is being done towards the fullest possible integration of CREAM with the IT ecosystem operating in a company. Our solution is implanted as fragments in a DNA chain in biotechnological laboratories. More about this topic- read our blog.


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