CREAM 1.8 – continued evolution

Authorization in CREAM 1.8 is even greater precision. With the new version, every employee can see only those elements that are necessary for his work. With the change of competence also the data, to which the employee has the access, also changed. As a result, on one screen only the relevant information can be seen which reduces the access time. On the other hand, a properly designed authorization policy results in data security.

Describing employees by their typical "features", helps team managers to select the right people to implement projects. The features can be both hard competencies, such as knowledge of a foreign language, as well as soft - for example, experience in VIP customer service. What is important, along with the latest version, the "features" can be also attributed to the queries, tasks and activities. Thanks to it, CREAM automatically associates staff with appropriate competences with a list of things to do. In bigger organizations with the distributed structure in many locations such functionality helps to increase significantly the efficiency of project teams.

A full list of the changes in CREAM 1.8 can be found here.


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