CREAM 17.8 – new, better design

As a basic principle we adopted the elimination of frames and the approach towards the latest trends. So at first fire retouch we made a main navigation bar, where a completely new underline of the selected option in the menu appeared, the bar became higher and the search box more visible. The navigation bar and the underlying action bar received shadows to highlight their role and visually distinguish the content.

The content has also been subjected to lifting. The gray, boring buttons have been replaced by prominent white buttons that better represent their function. The filters in turn received a green highlight to draw the user's attention to which of them are filled and affect the amount of results displayed. Changes are also tabbed, which you can see most often in the preview of the selected element. Instead of the classic frame look, they were styled to the main menu to emphasize their navigational role.

Full list of changes is available here..


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