CReaM tab – ALAN Systems new product

We would like to present our new product-CReaM tab. It is a tool for each mobile salesman. The application, prepared especially to use on tablets, is a kind of a portable product catalogue enabling placing orders for particular, chosen by a client, products. Clear graphics makes intuitional handling of the application possible.

The catalogue can serve as a set of photos presenting various versions of products. The product that was chosen by the client is put into a basket and the offer including a discount is created immediately. The accepted order is sent to the company so that one do not waste time to preparing offers, sending orders and awaiting for responses. The whole process, shortened to the minimum, leads to saving both time and money

CReaM tab was the response to the needs of Moray Company specializing in underwear production. We have taken into consideration all client’s suggestions and created new product functionalities. Our application is being still developed and adjusted to the new users’ needs. Do not hesitate to contact with our consultants in order to get additional information about advantages of our product -CReaM tab.

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