Already a million requests to life advisors!

The design of the application has been completely changed, so that it is more adapted to the requirements of users and provide them with the most enjoyable use of the application. For example, the latest version can include personalization in the choice of the color theme. Additionally, we have equipped the application with elements of social networking by adding the "love" and "like." Accepted "Likes" are visible on the profiles of advisers, so the user can easily decide who to turn to with the question or a nagging problem.

We have increased the level of security. The latest version of the application can be protected by a PIN code, and in the case of iOS devices – even fingerprints. "Fortunica - spirtitual answers" has already got three language versions: English, German and Spanish. We are currently preparing two more: the Portuguese and French. This is due to the increasing expansion of "Adviqo AG" and the increasing number of users who can speak Portuguese and French. In the English, German, Spanish markets 10% increase in visitors each month can be noticed.

External payments make life easier. Depending on the needs, user can buy individual questions or entire packages. Out of many types of packages, the user can select the most suitable for them by using PayPal or a credit card.

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