CREAM deal+

CREAM deal – mobile product catalogue

CREAM deal+

Frequent business trips, appointments at client's office or completing orders characterize the job of a mobile salesman. Salesmen working for companies offering a vide range of products often are forced to drag tons of catalogues with them. Out of them, clients, shops or wholesalers can chose the products they want to buy. CREAM deal let us forget about all the paper documents which need to be entered into a PC after returning to the office.

CREAM deal is an application created by ALAN Systems. It is a mobile catalogue on smartphones and tablets with Android system. It collects the whole offer in one place. Being still at client's office one can complete order, send it to a headquarter and limit in this way the time of order realization.

Orders generated directly by means of this application can be signed with a special pencil on the screen of a tablet or smartphone. It can be sent to warehouse immediately to complete it. In the extended version this application can be managed via internet browser.

Top functionalities:

Product and service catalogue

* division of products into categories

* product features displaying (number, name, net price, tax rate, category, manufacturer, related products)

* related products displaying

* many options in price setting and products availability


* offer generating and sending via e-mail

* mini-photos of products in an offer

* possibility to add comments to each position in an offer

* possibility to change offer into order


* order generating and sending via e-mail

* preview of orders list

* orders management (edition, status changes, modification)

* possibility to sign order on a mobile device

Discount policy

* percentage discount for all orders of a given client

* amount discount or percentage discount deducted from one order/offer

* amount discount or percentage discount deducted from one position in the order/offer

CREAM deal is a part of the bigger solution supporting sales named CREAM sales. In an extended version application works with CREAM solution (particularly with CREAM sales) which can significantly improve sales processes and customer service. It can work as an independent application or a part of the whole. Demo version with full functionality available on Google Play

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