Mobile solutions

For the modern user - customer, employee and partner access to current information, the possibility of processing and management from anywhere and at any time is a necessary standard. Mobility provides an instant, secure transfer of data in real time. It gives the opportunity to be in constant contact not only with the business sector, but also entertainment, culture and science.

ALAN Systems suggests ready, proven solutions in this area. We create applications that allow a constant, reliable connectivity between mobile devices and IT systems functioning in the organization, we offer ready-made applications or create new upon request.

We develop applications for mobile devices based on operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone (smartphones, tablets, phablety, tabfony).

Our mobile solutions:

Efficient organization of work

The application on the smartphone, which organizes the work day, reminiscent of scheduled appointments and tasks, while at the same time contact base.

Part of CREAM

Support for traders

Enable presentation of the offer and make orders through the tablet and high-speed data transfer to the company.

Part of CREAM

Execution of orders in the warehouse

It provides data straight from sales and dopasowue them to the responsibilities of employees. Works with EAN barcode.

Part of CREAM

ATMS Chrono

It allows you to remotely record the start and end of work. Indispensable for work in the field, delegations and with flexible working hours.

Part of ATMS Watch

ATMS Playtime

Intuitive application on the tablet allows kindergartens and other educational establishments to remotely record the presence of children

Part of ATMS Kids

Your application!

You are looking for a mobile solution that will help expand your business? You have an idea but do not know how to realize it? Contact us!


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