We developed a model of cooperation based on the principles of nearshoring, it allows customers to gain complete control over costs and the development of the project. Reduces costs associated with the acquisition of our tasks, which were often not feasible without significant effort on the development of intra-corporate IT departments.

Nearshoring allows to improve the operational efficiency of customers due to transfer our know-how, as well as increased innovation and competitiveness of the proposed solutions resulting from the steady expansion of our skills and resources in the IT field.

What makes us diffrent?

High specialization

We undertake only those projects for which we are able to offer the highest degree of professionalism.

Cultural and geographical proximity

We know that in order to achieve maximum success of the project we understand perfectly and be able to appear in person at the customer in the shortest possible time.

Focus on customer success

Your success is our victory, work ethic oriented measurable economic growth of our clients is essential.

Time zone

We work the same hours as our customers. That makes possible to provide rapid response to customer needs.


Standards in our company are languages: English, German and Polish.

Intellectual Property

Our work is the subject to the same regulatory requirements as an European Union (or close to EU) which systematizes all aspects of contracts.

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