How to increase the potential of employees?

Few organizations use their resources in an optimal way, and even fewer attempts to change little practical habits to better manage the assets. The question arises, how to recognize the untapped potential of the employees and to make changes in order to improve the level of innovation, and thereby improve the market position of the company?

There are many ways to solve problems or improve performance in this matter, but from my point of view the best and fastest results gives using of appropriate tools and solutions.

The employees has the potential

There are strong relationships between potential of employees (including managers) and workshop tools that are available to them. If the tools are not sufficient, you may find that even the best-prepared employee can not disclose all of its possibilities, and instead to work more efficiently and more creatively they will focus on activities that can take place in a natural, automatic, strictly defined and structured way. It is a waste of assets. Just use the software that runs in the background, which do not disturb, but it helps and does grate work.

Replace the paper list of the presence by an electronic system

For example, complementing the paper time sheets nowadays is a relic and a huge loss of time. Just multiply the number of employees by the number of days in a year and the average number of minutes needed to fill a timetable of incoming and coming out the place of work, and add the time spent on manual control by the Human Resources department to realize how much we waste time during the year. In fact, these steps do not bring anything innovative, and on the contrary – interfere with the work, they are de-motivating and inconvenient for further use, enough to mention the misrepresentations that may occur when transferring data to payroll. Replacing paper records by planning information system, analysis of time and recording system will relieve employees from these repetitive tasks and allow the analysis of reliable data, easy for further processing and archiving.

The advantage of electronic over paper

Linking the timesheets with prior planning and schedule of tasks helps control the state of compliance with the plan. Electronic form is easier to archive for evidence purposes, but above all allows for detailed analysis and subsequent correction plans. Thus, we have the opportunity to improve their own time management or subordinates, which directly moves to increase the potential of employees.

Employees want to be treated subjectively

When employees can actually take control over the ongoing tasks they feel that they are actors and not just passive pawns. This frees their extra energy and self-esteem, leads to greater involvement in the affairs of the company. And here it is close to synergies effect and growth potential of the entire group if we consider the planning and analysis of the teamwork.

Written by Nikola Gołębiewska


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