How to settle the working time of fieldworkers?

Time and attendance systems are associated with stationary card readers used to register a personal card when one comes to work and goes out. But how to control time of fieldworkers eg. engineers supervising the construction?

The mobile technologies to succor. Tablet or smartphone can act as a traditional card reader. Installation of an appropriate application enables connection with the system via internet. Employees can register their working time without paying a visit in the company headquarters.

The solution can be used on mobile devices with Android. It’s enough to download the free app ATMS Chrono from Google Play. Thanks to this, the access to the system is possible always and everywhere. There is also a chance to use the smartphone or tablet as a mobile card reader. Personal card communicates with the device using NFC technology, which is used to proximity payments for example.

Another method is work in “the cloud” and access to the system through a web browser. It allows management and control of fieldworkers’ working time as effectively as the application. is directed primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises.

It is a good option for the more advanced time analysis needs than just the time control. What is important, means the lack of infrastructure maintenance costs. Data is stored in a modern server-room of ALAN Systems, protected and secured by professionals.

The system is adjusted to the current needs. The monthly charge relates only to registered users. The change in number of users influences the monthly fee.

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Written by Zbigniew Engiel


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