Implementation of new employees, that is what a good CRM will do for you

In the company without a CRM system, e.g. getting information about sales history requires a lot of time. Moreover, in such companies, many processes are sometimes distracted. It can be large obstacle for a new employee. Tearing through e-mails, spreadsheets and paper documents is not an effective way to implementation.

Apart from the organizational issues, the biggest difficulty arises in the case of customer service standards and sales process. In the company without the right software, probably the new employee will learn them during the daily work by phone calls, emails and meetings. In this case, mistakes seem to be unavoidable. So more importantly, their detection will be possible only through the control.

Also the employee in the company with a well-functioning CRM come across this type of problems but will be able to solve them in an easier way. He will be able to find himself among the organizational issues, get to know the company structure or existing sales history and customer contacts. The workflow is clearly defined. You can go step by step form one sales stage to the next and all them will be clearly described. Sometimes includes audit questions.

CREAM solution goes a step further. It is integrated with other IT systems in the company. New employee has everything that he needs to work, all in one place. Exploring several systems at the same time is an extra difficulty especially at the very beginning. CREAM eliminates it. Employee has access to information really necessary to his work and corresponding with his competence. It is convenient for both parties. The employee is not overwhelmed by the information and does not have to fight with the thicket of data. Managers provide the security of collected information and grant the access to the data on the basis of the worker’s competence.

Of course, the new employee can be implemented also without CRM systems . But, all these actions require other employees’ engagement. This is valuable experience which builds relationships in the team. It requires a lot of time and this is very important in business. After the CREAM implementation new employees will find yourselves in the realities of the new company easier. They will be able to carry out their duties effectively using one efficient IT system, which provides data tailored to the needs and skills of the employee.

Written by Sylwia Mazurek


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