Opportunities and useful functionalities in advanced T&A systems

People often forget about what a software supporting the settlement of working time can and should be used for. Many simple solutions can only register and save the beginning and the end of working day, sometimes extra output for a break or business trip. It's often not enough, because the presence in the workplace does not prove a work. With the help may come advanced analytical systems that complement a simple registration with additional information and archive the full story and a workflow.

Imagine a T&A software accessible to all, preferably in the cloud, with the division of powers into different groups of employees. Employees logging in will see their own schedule and register the beginning and end of work. Allowing the employee to edit the interval while present in the workplace, we may require to supplement each working day with details such as time spent on task or order with detailed description of a given action. Let the employee alone prove how much time he or she spends and on what tasks!

This type of solution works and additionally disciplines a staff, which shall report after each working day. With special reports one can filter events which are interesting to us, or order and receive a summary of time used for specific activities. Hence the manager has the ability to assess performance and labor costs and over longer periods -prepare statistics and comparisons important to take the right decisions.

The strength of a good T & A system depends on its analytical capacity, and without the extensive functionality and potential of the software we do not get interesting assessment results using only the recorded time. Managers should look at the added value of the software, which offers them advantages relevant to their requirements. There is a need for more data and information to generate valuable reports and statements needed for the proper management of the company and ATMS offers advanced recording and analysis capabilities.

Written by Nikola Gołębiewska


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