Organize your contacts with customers. It is a key to higher profits and better position of a company

A problem with the organization of correspondence and dialogue with customers evokes a headache in many companies. There are always more important “hard topics” that need time and energy because they determine the financial results of the company. Often companies do not realize what advantages can be derived from a good communication with customers. Changes can be made in different areas.

1. Contact Marketing and Sales

Companies spend enormous resources to initiate the first contact with a client and to sustain transactions with their current partners. The money is often wasted because the client’s request can be lost, ignored or unnoticed in the thicket of internal or external correspondence. The problem also is that the trivial cases are treated in the same way as crucial for business effects issues because the importance of topics is not evaluated. Rotation of the staff makes customer inquiries go to the incompetent person who needs to spend a lot of time to solve the case or must ask more competent employees for help, often destroying their action plans and schedules.

2. Complaints and after-sales support

In the case of complaints and inquiries, after-sales support based on a smooth internal communication and information flow is often necessary in the work of the whole team or different departments. Deficiencies in this area can result in putting off important issues and customer’s dissatisfaction.

What can be done?

First of all, companies should implement changes so that time wasted on organizational matters could be spent on communication with the client. The effect will be guaranteed. We need a system in which each employee will be assigned to a specific department and area of operation. Moreover, particular skills and qualifications should be at employee’s disposal. On one hand, this can be time consuming undertaking but on the other hand it is an easy to implement solution which leads to better work organization in a accompany. Big organizations that have hundreds or thousands of employees all around the world in their branches, can begin to operate more efficiently and effectively almost immediately. From now on, all customer queries will be sent to people who can immediately join the action. If they cannot solve tasks on their own, the tasks are transmitted to a particular person who knows how to cope with them. The bottom line is that everything is done without wasting time on consultations, analysis and seeking for solutions. This stage can be simplified and automated to gain additional time which can be spent on establishing individual relationships with clients based on understanding of commitment. Using the right solution, we can make small changes that will make a big difference.

Written by Nikola Gołębiewska


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