The client. To recognize and to serve.

About good relations with customers and high quality service a whole book can be written. However, keeping it in practice is not easy to achieve. Especially in the case of companies with a wide range of products and thousands of customers. It seems that in this case the construction of the relationship is not possible.

That is not entirely true. A well- thought out and properly designed system allows you to build customer relationships even with thousands of online shoppers . It all comes down to proper use of the data the company collects about each of them.

Usually, a consultant working in a customer service or complaints department uses systems which are at his disposal. In the case of queries, he delves into them searching information he needs . It takes time. If the contact is by e-mail minutes do not matter but eventually they translate into the speed and completeness of answers. The situation changes when a customer calls to the company.

Then the conversation can cause frustration: prolonged pause, the need to log in to different systems, to ask additional questions and confirm information given by the customer in the databases. All this make conversation longer and cause the client becomes more and more nervous.

The problem can be solved in a simple way, as it does CREAM. It covers company data sources like an umbrella and service department consultant displays the necessary information on one screen. In case of an incoming call, the system recognizes the customer and data analysis module displays the most important information: not only the name but also a list of recent purchases, payment history, placed complaints or location and shopping preferences.

Thanks to it, the consultant can greet the customer by his name and ask about the last purchase, “guess” the matters he is ringing or propose a new offer based on the historical data. After such a greeting the customer feels recognizable and important to the company. The consultant does not waste time on asking what's going on, looking for answers in various systems, logging in them and waiting until it receives the answer. One minute is enough to have all necessary data.

The time to serve the customer is significantly reduced that helps to build good relations with the customer bringing benefits in the future. The satisfied customer can become the best ambassador of the company.

Written by Zbigniew Engiel


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