What’s up with this syndrome of eternal seller?

For a long period of time it's been heard that everything that surrounds us can be bought, negotiated, sold and then passed along. Is it true, without any philosophical excursions of course?

For a long period of time it's been heard that everything that surrounds us can be bought, negotiated, sold and then passed along. Is it true, without any philosophical excursions of course? All in all, merchandise is everything that surrounds us and every service. Unfortunately, soon we reach such a state of merchantability that you'll wonder if someone saying "Good Morning" or passing you in the door does not want to push you something. You know the truth of life, don't you ? In the same way another man is reacting to you after hearing the information you are a sales specialist or something of this kind - in some branches of industry proudly named Key Account Manager.

On the other hand, no matter how hard you tried not to think about selling, work plans and reports which your supervisor expects of you, will show the whole truth about what you have been doing or what you have been trying to forget.

So, how to survive in this world of constant sales where “to be” means just nothing. I do not know you, dear reader, point of view, but I want and prefer “to be” however I have to live for something 🙂

What is the most important in being a salesman ? For me, there are 3 key factors: to be honest or sincere, reliable and have a sense of humor. Everybody must remember a situation in which Mr. / Ms with a broad smile invites us inside, offers coffee and tries to utter in the same breath all the nice words existing in Polish language describing the product or service. After 2 minutes you just want to leave, unless Mr./Ms is extremely attractive person, so then you can probably sacrifice additional minutes. However, the truth is that everyone is fed up with omnipresent vaseline. So what to do, do not smile to the customer, be outgoing or reserved? It's obvious, there is not a golden mean for being perceived as a "Merchant of the Year". In my opinion, being yourself is the most important feature. We will never be reliable if we walk in too tight shoes or too short trousers. Anyone who teaches a universal behavior that "certainly" works in sales is simply a liar or have been well paid for claiming so. But perhaps the worst are those who just believe in it.

So how to deal with a huge pressure, sales plans and promotions ? The truth is that everyone has his own problems, including finance nature and, for sure, you've heard the voice back of the head saying "You must get this commission". Well, I must, otherwise at home they will break my head off. But on the other hand, I think that we must never forget to remain human. In every situation it may help you a lot, because the other side is also man - your potential customer. He must also deal with the same problems as we do.

Therefore, we're suffering eternal seller syndrome when we get manipulated and without innate skepticism firmly believe that the offered service is unique and unrepeatable. Of course, the product we offer is competitive and certainly very good, but the most important thing is that we sell primarily ourselves and everything that is associated with our person: sense of humor, reliability, integrity and approach to life. If we are honest, of course under a common sense, and we have our heads screwed on the right way, we have a great chance of success. So one can describe success as avoiding the brainwashing and, in a consequence, not falling into eternal seller syndrome. People can in an easy way label us as the "nice" or "not nice" man only by projecting on us features accepted or not accepted by them. Remember the first impression can be done only once. Truth.. If you cannot avoid the eternal seller syndrome, thank the person who has done brainwashing during a fortuitous integration training 😉 There is no such a thing as a perfect salesman. You need to be effective, natural and if we add a pinch of kindness and do not take everything seriously, we can handle it 🙂

On being successful next time.

Written by Nikola Gołębiewska


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